Hello, El Segundo: DVXD Expands to Los Angeles

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Aug 24, 2023   ·
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Los Angeles, CA - August 24, 2023 - DVXD, the progress-focused experience design studio, is pleased to announce the expansion of its practice to Los Angeles in the vibrant El Segundo neighborhood. This marks the second studio in the agency's growing network, in addition to its existing Toronto presence.

The establishment of the Los Angeles office follows the recent arrival of Brad McDonald, DVXD's new Managing Director. With McDonald now based in Los Angeles, the studio is poised to leverage his expertise and industry insights to drive growth and explore new opportunities in the United States.

Derek Vaz, founder and CEO of DVXD, expressed excitement about this pivotal moment in the studio's history. "This marks a milestone in the evolution of our studio," he said. "Over the past five years, we have diligently worked towards designing for shared progress, partnering with influential leaders to launch socially-centered brands and products. Building on existing relationships with diverse talent and impactful partners in Los Angeles, this office serves as a commitment to growing our collaborations and collective impact in the U.S.".

McDonald shared enthusiasm about the opportunities the new office brings. "I am excited by the potential that our Los Angeles office holds," he said. "As our first U.S.-based presence, it enables us to be at the forefront of change in this region, driving growth and fostering collaborations with visionary brands and thought leaders."

The Los Angeles office will serve as a hub for creativity, innovation, and progress-focused design, as well as a platform to expand DVXD’s co-creation community, w-th.

About DVXD

DVXD is an experience design studio for shared progress, based in Toronto. Together with influential organizations, they co-create digital products and brands with a shared commitment to sustainability, equity and health. To date, this includes collaborations with socially-centered startups, renowned brands, and even a Nobel Peace Laureate. Their social ventures, like the co-design community w-th, further their commitment to shared progress. Learn more at DVXD.co.

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Photo Credit: Sath Datla on Unsplash