Announcing Shared Prosperity: Our Initiative to Impact Equity in Design and Technology

Apr 27, 2022   ·
2 min read

Systemic and institutional racism has kept many from prospering in the fields of design and technology, simply because of their racialized or gender identity. [Add a link to article]

As a studio founded on the core values of Diversity and Equity, it is important we take intervening measures to contribute to better representation and dismantle barriers to inclusion for those kept on the margins. 

Toward that goal, we are committing to contribute the equivalent of 5% of our gross revenue toward organizations and initiatives working toward equity in our field, through design and technology services.  

We call it Shared Prosperity. 

By formalizing and focusing our pro-bono efforts as a team, we hope to contribute to change in our industry with partners with proven track records of impact for those deserving of fair representation in design and technology.

We are excited to have the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals as our founding partner for the Shared Prosperity program. The CEE Centre For Young Black Professionals is a charity dedicated to addressing economic and social barriers affecting black youth (18-29 years). Details of our partnership will be shared shortly. 

Other aspects of Shared Prosperity will include mentorship and access to our flexible workspace for emerging founders from underrepresented groups. 

If you are an eligible organization who would like to partner with us, please contact with details of your initiative.