Farewell (and thank you) 2020

December 23, 2020   ·
2 min read

As we know, 2020 has been incredibly challenging. It has been an especially challenging year for frontline and essential workers, and small businesses. The turn of a calendar won't change things for many as we continue to work through this global pandemic.

This year has also magnified how our society marginalizes Black and Indigenous communities, those facing food and housing insecurity, and many others who often face barriers to equity and prosperity, due to structural inequalities and systemic racism.

For our studio, this has galvanized us both as as a team and as individuals. Personally, this meant joining the board of my local BIA and founding an Anti-Racism and Social Justice initiative with local community members.

As well, we supported organizations who have been leading the work to fight injustice, like FoodShare and the Migrant Workers Alliance. We hope you consider these amazing groups in your end of year contributions.

Overall 2020 has meant growth for us, in terms of the work we are doing, our maturity and numbers as a team, and the diversity of founders and leaders we are working with. Our mission of design for shared progress took on a heightened meaning as we narrowed our focus to how design can empower communities.

As I look to 2021, we're emboldened by your support and inspired by how many of you and your organizations have adapted. I'm proud to be a partner, friend, or a teammate of yours. And I wish you the best for the forthcoming year.

We've wound down our studio until January 4th, so our team can take a necessary break, relax and recharge.

Here’s to the year ahead and what the lessons of 2020 bring us.

Thank you and happy holidays,


Principal, DVXD

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