Fostering Respect and Inclusivity: Why DVXD Implemented a Code of Conduct

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May 23, 2024   ·
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At DVXD, we believe in design as a tool to create collective prosperity. Central to this mission is the cultivation of a workplace culture that upholds our values of respect, diversity, and inclusivity. That's why we made the collective decision to embed a Code of Conduct into our Statements of Work (SOWs), shaping the foundation upon which our collaborations are built.

The Why Behind Our Decision

The decision to implement a Code of Conduct wasn't arbitrary; it stemmed from a deep-rooted commitment to our studio's values and principles. In an era where social consciousness is on the rise, and movements for equality and justice permeate our global discourse, we recognized the need for intentional action. We wanted to codify the standards of behavior that align with our values, ensuring that every interaction within our studio and with our clients reflects these principles.

Navigating the Contemporary Landscape

In today's dynamic and interconnected world, the importance of acting in a manner consistent with our values has become increasingly pronounced. With societal conversations shifting towards issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, it's imperative for organizations to demonstrate a commitment to these ideals. By formalizing our Code of Conduct, we not only reaffirm our dedication to fostering a respectful and inclusive workplace but also signal to our clients and partners that these values are non-negotiable.

A Living Document

Our Code of Conduct isn't a static document; it's a living, breathing expression of our collective ethos. As we continue to evolve as a studio, so too will our Code. We view it as a dynamic framework that adapts to reflect the ever-changing landscape of social norms and expectations. By embracing this fluidity, we ensure that our Code remains relevant and effective in guiding our interactions and relationships.

Filtering for Cultural Alignment

Beyond serving as a set of guiding principles, our Code of Conduct also acts as a filtering mechanism. It enables us to identify clients and partners whose values align with ours while simultaneously screening out those who may not be a cultural fit. This ensures that every collaboration we undertake is grounded in mutual respect and shared values, setting the stage for productive and harmonious partnerships.

Facilitating Co-Design Best Practices

At the heart of our studio's core practice lies co-design – co-design, or participatory design, is an approach to problem-solving that involves multiple stakeholders in developing solutions to the challenges people face every day. It's a powerful process for deepening empathy and understanding of the individuals who use our websites, apps, products, and services, ensuring they are built to meet their needs effectively. Our Code of Conduct plays a pivotal role in facilitating this process by creating a safe and inclusive space where all voices are heard and respected. By adhering to its principles, we foster an environment conducive to open dialogue, constructive feedback, and collective problem-solving.

Encouraging Adoption by Like-Minded Organizations

While our decision to implement a Code of Conduct was driven by our own values and priorities, we believe that similar-minded organizations can benefit from doing the same. By codifying expectations around behavior and interaction, companies can nurture cultures of respect and inclusivity from within. Moreover, adopting a Code of Conduct sends a powerful message to clients, partners, and stakeholders about the organization's commitment to ethical conduct and social responsibility.

In conclusion, the decision to integrate a Code of Conduct into our SOWs at DVXD was a strategic and intentional choice rooted in our values of respect, inclusivity, and integrity. By formalizing our commitment to these principles, we aim to foster a workplace culture that reflects the world we aspire to create – one built on collaboration, empathy, and shared progress. As we continue on our journey of growth and evolution, our Code of Conduct will serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a more equitable and harmonious future.

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