Welcome to w-th

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Apr 18, 2023   ·
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"With" is DVXD’s new community for hopeful individuals to co-create better futures, together.

Our society is going through a massive transformation due to climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, threats to democracy, and the emergence of artificial intelligence. As a design studio for shared progress, we believe our values of community, co-creation, craft, and curiosity, are fundamental to addressing the challenges of our rapidly changing world. 

By establishing a common space for folks with shared values to collaborate, we hope to empower collective hope and action at a time many feel isolated and marginalized.

Our first step is to explore what sustainable futures could look like, and we're excited to host Payam Shalchian, co-founder of Instead, in our Toronto studio on April 27th. Instead aims to "create access to an alternative way of living; to reduce our footprint, to optimize the way we produce and consume resources, and to inhabit a true sense of community, all without pushing us beyond our financial means". Together, we'll explore Alternative Habitats and Resilient Living in search of more sustainable living models.

We're limiting the capacity to ensure an intimate experience, so reserve your tickets soon if you're interested in attending in person. As we grow, we’ll work to ensure the community can be accessible to those unable to participate in person. 

We're thrilled to take this first step towards creating a community, a space, and gatherings where diverse perspectives on the future can come together to drive shared progress. Join us in this journey to create a better tomorrow.

Stay updated on w-th via Instagram and at w-th.us